If you plan on visiting for the first time, here's five things you can expect:

1. A Warm Welcome

We seek to demonstrate God’s love in our welcome to all visitors, whether you’ve never been to church, you are looking for a new church family, or just passing through the area.

2. Christ-Centred Worship

We have all been made to worship God alone and to enjoy Him forever. We therefore spend time praising Him and learning from Him in songs (both old and new), seeking Him in prayer and in listening to His word (the Bible) explained.

3. Bible-Based Teaching

Teaching from God’s word is a central feature of our church, and our aim is for the Bible to be explained and applied in a relevant way for people seeking to follow Jesus in the 21st century.

4. A Loving Community

Our Church provides an opportunity to develop real relationships with real people. We believe support should always be seen in both what we say and what we do.

5. Serving as Christians Together

We have plenty of opportunities to serve at our church. We encourage everyone at our church to use their gifts and talents to advance God’s kingdom, for his glory!

What Time?

Our weekly service starts at 10:30 AM, with the the Lords Supper held at the end of our service on the 1st Sunday of every month.

What Happens?

Our worship service include prayer, singing of songs, hymns and psalms together and we read the Bible before it is explained to us in a plain and simple manner. But plain as God’s teaching may be, we have experienced its unique power to save, restore, reconcile and change us.

After our services we have a morning tea together and enjoy each other’s company. We seek to know each other well and to embrace and include all who visit us.

All are welcome to attend. You may be just curious, you may be burdened and discouraged, you may be already attracted to Jesus and want to know more. Whatever your reason, please be assured of our welcome.


Smithfield Baptist Church
742 Horsley Drive (Cnr Horsley Drive & O’Connell Street)
Smithfield NSW 2164